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  • Reaccreditation Hours:

    If you are a current AOLCP you need 4 approved credit hours. If you have lapsed one year, you need 6 approved credit hours. If you have lapsed two or more years, you will need 6 approved credit hours and to retake the Organic Land Care Accreditation Test, preferably on the last day of the Accreditation Course or you can make different arrangements with the OLC office.

    Please tell us which courses you have taken to satisfy your requirements, and their dates. Please be as accurate as possible with the event title. To prove your attendance you can scan the Accreditation Form with signatures or a signed program, or mail these items to the NOFA Organic Land Care Office. We are flexible with this element of reaccreditation, you can call the office at 203-308-2584 if you have questions.

    *If you received your credits at a course hosted by CT NOFA, please just let us know which one for our records - we do not need proof that you attended.
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  • Accreditation Payment

    Reaccreditation Fees:
    Supporter Level: $75
    Business Level $150
    Upgrade existing Supporter to Business Level $75
    AOLCP Late Fee: $25

    You can choose to pay your fee after you have submitted your credits. Your accreditation payment is due by January 1st, 2018. After January 31, 2018, a $25 late fee will be assessed.

    Remember, an AOLCP supporter is a professional who only needs to maintain their credential and support our mission (like a non-profit professional, educator or a small business owner/employee).
    The Business AOLCP tier is for landscaping professionals and business owners seeking market exposure on our website and in our publicity.
  • Please let us know how you plan to pay for reaccreditation:
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  • Updates in Personal or Business Information

    Please let us know if you would like us to change your records. Please keep in mind that you are asked to maintain and update your own profile on the AOLCP Searchable Database.
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